Top 6 Methods of Communicating to Millennials

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The Top 6 Preferred Methods of CommunicationThese days, millennial parents speak a language of their own. It’s a combination of the digital world, social media, and offline interactions all seamlessly rolled together into one unique conversation. As a Marketer, you need to be fluent in your target audience’s language to be able to speak to them effectively with your different marketing strategies. If you’re not making an effort to speak their language, then your audience truly just won’t understand why you’re trying to talk to them at all.

Flashback to highschool, where the popular kids only speak in cool slang and toss around inside jokes about the party that you weren’t invited to last weekend. It doesn’t feel great to be so out of the loop, and it definitely isn’t great for your brand’s bottom line. But don’t stress, we’re here to help you wash away those fear-inducing memories. Get ready to learn how to talk to these cool Millennial parents in a way that will make them listen.

Based on research, we know that Millennials have some preferred methods of communication. And we have the secrets to communicate with millennials using these top 6 methods.

Social Butterflies
Women dominate social media networks. Excluding LinkedIn, women use all other social media networks more often than their male counterparts.
Some Millennial social media stats that matter:
– 73% of Moms use social media to find brand recommendations
– 91% of Moms use social media regularly
– 66% of Dads have a Facebook account
– 71% of Dads log on to Facebook every day
– Moms are still more likely to interact and engage on Facebook than Dads

Parents are very influential in parenting circles. This is especially true for Millennial Moms. In fact, 55% of Millennials say they’re frequently asked for product recommendations. About 9.6 times a month, to be exact! Your brand definitely wants to be engaging and speaking to these influential Moms, or risk being cast to the side in their chats about household products. The key to becoming a topic of conversation is authentic communication from your end that is both helpful and makes a Millennial parent’s life easier. You also want to be found on as many social channels as your audience is currently on. It’s not good enough to have just a braded Facebook page – you want to be found on Instagram and Twitter too by those who may prefer those platforms over Facebook!

Mobile Savvy Shoppers
Millennial parents are connected. They’ve got their devices and they aren’t afraid to use them if it makes life easier and saves them time. The number of millennial moms who have made a purchase from their mobile device jumped from 48% to 64% in the past year alone! Even when they’re in-store, 70% millennial parents are pulling out their phones to do some price matching, using coupons, or swiping virtual loyalty cards. Reach Millennial parents on their mobile devices when it comes to their savvy digital and in-store shopping and you’re well on the way to a very effective marketing strategy.

Enthusiastic Bloggers
Millennial Moms have grown up with digital tech and they’re now forming their own groups and circles on the internet. Mostly, creating communities through thousands of online parent blogs. On a daily basis, parents are sharing photos of their kids, advice from their household, and everyday thoughts about life in general. Why is this valuable to you? 81% of US consumers trust information and advice from bloggers. Which means if your product is being talked about in a great way on different blogs or social media platforms, then the word-of-mouth marketing chain is beginning!

Connected Consumers
“You don’t have mobile consumers and desktop consumers, you just have consumers,” said Google. This is especially true when it comes to Millennial parents. Millennials use both their devices and their experiences in the world together to do their shopping and learn about household products. Statistical proof: after making a search on a mobile device, 73% of purchases happened in a physical store according to Google’s latest research. As a Marketer, you have to learn that it’s not good enough just to focus solely on digital OR in-store efforts, you need to be doing both together. This will translate to your audience & they’ll GET what you’re saying or doing.

Millennial Marketing

Offline Loyalists
In today’s digital age, Marketers spend a ton of time analyzing, researching, and focusing on all kinds of social and digital channels that we know parents spend their time on. But, are we forgetting about the “real” world with our marketing strategy? We can confidently confirm that word of mouth is alive…and definitely still kicking! Parents build their own offline support networks with their friends, neighbors, coworkers, and just about anyone else who walks into their lives. Over the week, American mothers will mention brand names about 73 times in conversation. And American dads talk about brands about 57 times a week. Is your strategy focused on becoming THAT brand? The one that your customers want to talk about, together?
So, where do I go from here?

Sit down with your marketing team and get ready to ask some tough questions. Are you communicating with your Millennial parent audience with the language that they will hear? How can you improve your strategies? What do you feel your brand is doing well…and what is totally missing from your strategy? These are the things that are going to help you become fluent in that cool Millennial parent language. And in the end, these are the questions that will impact your company’s overall sales.

Wanting to learn more about speaking fluent Millennial & their 6 preferred methods of communication? We follow up this chapter with specific examples of marketing strategies and solutions that incorporate these methods of communication.