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Product Testing Feedback

Products submitted for the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval undergo a thorough and unbiased testing process from select parents who match the brand’s target audience.

Detailed testing feedback is shared with the brand, offering qualitative and quantitative analysis on the product’s functionality and dependability. It’s like having your own focus group comprised of your ideal target consumers.

Our award program is built on real-life testing by parents, for parents. You be confident that your products will be evaluated honestly and thoroughly, ensuring that our endorsements carry the weight of genuine consumer trust.

Is your product up to the test?

Targeted Consumer Research

Our customized, targeted surveys allows brands to understand the needs and behaviors of their target consumers. This valuable consumer research helps brands build effective consumer and marketing strategies, branding, advertising, and communications – virtually every touchpoint of your consumer’s journey. 


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Timely & Relevant

We know that a critical factor to business success is understanding and satisfying your customer base. Gain a definitive competitive advantage with timely, relevant  consumer surveys directed at your target audience.



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Target Segmentation

Target your marketing strategies with customized research surveys based on demographics such as geographical location, income, education and age range. This helps brands build an ideal buyer persona and improve business strategies.



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Analysis & Feedback

We believe sharing our consumer research helps the brands we work with better understand their target audience. All results from your custom research are analyzed and shared to give you actionable insights that you can use to take your business to the next level.




Meet Our Community

Survey data is collected from our proprietary community of over 250,000 parents, providing valuable insights for brands seeking to better understand their target demographic. By leveraging our community’s knowledge, experience and shopping habits, businesses can make informed decisions that drive growth and success.