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With businesses from all over the globe pushing products left and right, the notion that your business can compete with them, especially on a non-digital media platform like TV, might seem far-fetched. However, TV commercials, product tours and media coverage are nowhere near outdated. A survey of internet users, reported that more than 83 percent of participants felt that TV Advertisements left a lasting impression on them.

If you want to advertise your product on TV, all you need to do is to figure out your target demographic, find a station that will sell you air time and summon the courage to expose your brand to the world. To help you get started, here is some valuable information about creating an effective TV product tour and getting it to the people you want to see it.

Television advertising is still one of the most effective forms of media marketing. Here are some of the benefits your company can expect to see when you advertise on TV.


Reach More People

Since people watch TV every day, a single ad can put millions of eyes on your product instantaneously. Television is one of the biggest leisure activities worldwide. So, if you want your advertising to have a wide reach, advertise on TV.


Focus on Your Target Demographic

Television ads raise brand awareness by presenting your message directly to your target audience. The format of TV ads makes it possible to place your ads in between segments of a program your target demographic is likely to be watching.


You Have a Captive Audience

It is more difficult to avoid TV ads than it is to ignore the ones that are on the internet. Internet ads are often shown on the sides of websites and do not interfere with the site’s functionality. However, commercials are played in place of the scheduled program, making them nearly unavoidable for viewers.


Build Trust

Promoting your product on TV creates more trust than promoting it on the internet. Studies show that consumers trust advertisements on TV more than most other forms of media. Sixty percent of people who buy products immediately after and ad do so after seeing the product on TV, while only 40 percent of people buy products after seeing them advertised on the internet or social media. Consumer trust is not won easily in branding, making TV an invaluable asset


Here are some helpful hints on creating a successful and profit-generating television ad.


Keep it Simple

To be effective, product tours and infomercials must transfer information from the TV to the viewer as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Consider having another person on-camera with you to ask questions and sample your product. This tactic will help your ad stay focused and not stray from your desired course. Repeat your product’s name throughout the ad, keep the product on screen as much as possible and end with a call-to-action for the viewer.


Be Authentic

Qualities of a good ad include humanity and relatability. Use your product tour to make a connection with the audience. It should be filled with real people who have real problems and desires. Stage designing techniques and costuming are critical for getting your point across. For example, if you are trying to sell a new cooking gadget, set the product tour or infomercial in a kitchen. Similarly, if you are peddling a watch that is suitable for business people, then dress in business-casual attire. Regardless of the product you are advertising, always be yourself. Consumers know when advertisers are being sincere and when they are being deceitful. Be honest, and people will be more likely to listen to what you have to say.


Make it Memorable

People throughout the world use TV to gain information. Many companies use this medium to get their message across to the masses, so it is crucial to make your ad memorable. There is no formula you need to follow for creating an eye-catching advertisement. Using a catchy jingle or tagline are always great starting points. But, anything you can do to engage your audience is fair game.


Focus on the First Three Seconds

The first three seconds of a TV ad are vital, as viewers may lose interest after that. Use that time to draw your viewer in with an interesting fact, a unique opening or an important concept. Try to defy the viewers’ expectations instead of simply presenting a dry-sounding list of facts.


Use the Right Tone of Voice

The tone in your voice can make or break your TV ad or product tour. Present your information in a tone that is gentle but not weak, confident but not pretentious, eloquent but not pompous and amusing but not silly. Other options you have for presenting the right tone are hiring a spokesperson to present the information for you or hiring influencers to promote your product.


Once you have created an ad, you still need to get it out to the public. Getting the message out to your target audience is a key component in ensuring your ad is successful.  Here is some helpful information about the world of TV advertisements in Canada, and how to go about buying some airtime for your business.



Broadcast Stations Versus Cable Channels

Canada has two types of television stations, broadcast channels like Fox, NBC and ABC and cable channels like Bravo, USA and Discovery. Broadcast channels often have a higher viewership, but they also tend to charge more for advertising time. Plus, you must request advertising time by speaking with the station’s local representative, which might entail going through a lot of red tape. On the other hand, you can easily buy airtime from the local cable system representative for either the entire market or specific individual cable systems.


Airtime Pricing

If you want airtime for a commercial, you can buy a rate card that is priced based on each 30 seconds of space that is needed within a particular time slot when a program is being broadcast. Another option is to buy a “rotator”, which promises that your ad will be shown between specified time blocks during the day. Whichever type of airtime you choose, the cost of airtime is normally based on the number of viewers a particular program has or the number of other advertisers who also want a similar spot.

The Importance of a Program’s Audience Size

Determining the number of people who watch a particular show is done in a variety of ways. Companies like Neilson are responsible for gathering much of the data on who watches what and sending it to cable stations. This information helps the stations set prices. The information also sheds light on which programs certain demographics watch, which will help you know where and when to place your ads so they reach your target audience.


Negotiate With Television Stations

When negotiating for your ad time, work toward getting as much as you can for the lowest price. You have lots of station choices from which you can choose, so the odds are high that you can get a good deal. Stations want your business and will compete with others to get it. So, if your quote from one station is too high, negotiate for a lower price or take your business to another station. Always keep in mind, though, that getting a better deal with a station that does not appeal to your target demographic is not a good deal in the end. It is better to pay a bit more if it gets you in front of the audience you want.


Hire an Ad Agency

If you do not have the expertise to navigate the ins and outs of purchasing airtime for televised ads, or simply are not comfortable doing so, consider hiring an ad agency to do the work for you. Ad agencies often get discounts for purchasing advertising time, and they will pass the savings on to you. So, it likely will not cost you more to use an agency instead of working with stations directly.


Television ads are a crucial part of a marketing plan. They are still one of the most effective ways of making a profit for companies of any size. Television ads can easily fit within any marketing budget, so consider buying airtime to see for yourself why they are worth the investment.


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