How Awards And Certifications Differentiate Your Products

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If you’re trying to market a brand or product in today’s marketplace, you’re going to encounter difficulties. There are so many people and companies doing similar things, and differentiating your products from competitors is both a challenge and a necessity. You can promise your consumers that your products are the best in their class, but your competitors can say exactly the same thing. So, how exactly do you show consumers that your products and brand are worth their time and money?


Win an award
One of the best ways that you can rise above your competition is by winning awards in your industry and then displaying those awards on your website and in your branding. While this is not a new concept, it remains a very effective component of an organic marketing strategy. Any company can send mass emails and create sales and advertisements, but who can say that they have been recognized as some of the best in their industry? There is a small number of companies that can proudly display these kinds of awards.

If you are feeling discouraged and you think that your company is too small and your product is too new to win an award, think again. There are many different types of awards that you can win, in different categories. You can win an award for your industry, niche, city, region, nation, product…the list goes on. You can then use the award that you have won to distinguish your product or brand from others in your industry. For example, even if you don’t have the most popular product on the market, if you win an award for the most engaging website, that is good news that you can share. Display your awards proudly on your website, blog, social media, and through press releases and ads. Consumers will take notice that your brand has some special awards, and you will stand out from the crowd.

Earn a certification
Certifications are also very useful when establishing your product and brand. Today’s marketplace is loaded with similar products and ideas and consumers will need help differentiating who is the better brand. Getting your brand certified will definitely draw in those new customers that you have been wishing for.

Some business owners do not realize the value behind certifications, but the merit of selling certified products is unmatched. For example, children’s products and toys are always trending on the market. However, some of these items can be a safety hazard, and that is what parents worry about.

If your baby products have a parental seal of approval, or if they are parent tested products, consumers will take notice. Products approved by parents, like Parent Tested Parent Approved, will take precedent over any product that has not yet been approved. Consumers want products that have been approved by parents, so they know their children will be safe. Depending on what kind of products you sell, there is a wide variety of certifications that your products and your overall brand can get and maintain.

In order to receive certifications for your products, you will have to go through product testing. The product testing all depends on what kind of company you own and the types of products you want to certify. Generally, product testing will be like this:

  • First, you will need to prepare review criteria that is relevant for the product you want to certify
  • Then, you will send a sample of your product for certification
  • Next, you will need to apply for the specific certification
  • Finally, you can promote and sell your newly certified product!

Most certification centers take four to six weeks to review criteria. They will then respond to your request with either a certification, or reasoning for why your product cannot be certified for the time being.

Promoting your product
Now that you have earned an award or certification for your product, let’s talk about how you can promote it.

Promoting your product should be fun and creative. There are so many different ways that you can promote products and appeal them to consumers. Here are some basic ways that you can get started.

Create advertisements
Creative advertisements will draw in consumers and will help you gain real customers. Your advertisements must be straight-forward and they need to give consumers a general sense of what your product is about. Vague ads will just push customers away.

Also, make sure to put your advertisements where people will see them. Magazines and newspapers, whether in print or online, are great places to start. Advertising is an important aspect of product marketing and it cannot be overlooked.

Build your website
Your website reflects your brand and what your company is all about. Consumers will go to your website to find out about your products and to discover what your company has to offer. They will also go to your website to buy your products, so make sure that your website has an active storefront.

Your website should also have a blog section where you can post relevant information about your industry, brand, and products. This is a more informal section where you can be candid and where you can share your thoughts with your customers. Blogs do not have to be tapered to meet any specific standards, so you can feel free to have fun with your blog.


Use social media
Social media is the perfect way to reach your customers directly. People everywhere are active on social media every single day and use a variety of platforms to find people, jobs, products, and so much more. You can use social media to target a specific audience and reach the people that you think would get the most out of your product. This method will result in specific product purchase, which is exactly what you want. In time, you will learn the ins and outs of social media and you can incorporate it into your marketing strategy.

Attend events
Although having social media is pretty much a necessity these days, it cannot replace attending in-person events. Having a real-life, personal connection with people is unmatched. The conversations you have with people are memorable, and if you attend events to promote your products, you will generate new customers.

Find local events that you can attend to promote your products, or, if you can, travel to events that are far away. You won’t regret it.

Winning awards and earning certifications for your products does take time, but it is so worth it. Your products will stand out from the crowd and consumers will be more likely to buy from you. Use these tips to start winning awards and earning certifications for your products today!