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Developing a new product is a process fraught with difficulties. Development, innovations, product testing — all of these are important and integral stages that present unique challenges to the developer. Many products, no matter how great the initial idea, never make it past the initial phase of initial ideas.

Some are lucky enough to continue and see development. Often, these products fail during testing due to one concern or another. Some, if they are lucky, can move past testing and be approved.

However, none of the difficulties presented in these steps are as difficult as the hardest part of the process: marketing.

It doesn’t matter how good your product is; if no one learns about it, they won’t buy it! That’s why finding an audience is crucial to the success of your idea. But, how can you find that audience?


Using PTPA Media

PTPA Media is a powerful force in advertising and marketing. For over a decade PTPA Media has built a network of consumers, influencers and millennial moms, building a recognized name that stands for trust, quality and consumer safety. Our PTPA Seal of Approval — awarded only to those products that meet the highest of standards — is trusted by millions of consumers who know that a product carrying that seal is one that’s worth knowing.

PTPA Media is here to answer that question. More than just a marketing company, we are a network of over 150,000 consumers ready to test, try and market your product. Our influencer network is able to take a product from obscurity to that national spotlight through a program that involves both product testing and product marketing.


How PTPA Media Works For You

Not any product can work for this program, though. PTPA Media is select about choosing only products that meet with our high standards.

To accomplish this, our system works through a four-stage process designed to find the best products to earn out parental seal of approval. Here’s how it works:


Step One: Tester Selection

In the first phase of our product testing, your product is sent to a select group of people chosen from our extensive database of over 150,000 consumers. These product testers are trained to recognize quality products that meet our standards, and are selected based on the target demographic of the product in question. Most products that are submitted for approval never make it past this initial phase of the process. If yours does, rest assured that it is one that stands apart from the competition, and deserves to  be recognized as such.

Step Two: Product Experience

Once the testing of your product is complete, and it has been found to meet those standards, a marketing campaign begins. The first step in this campaign is to collect and view market research on product experience, allowing you to know what to expect as we move forward with your product.

Step Three: Winner Campaign

Once a product has received the coveted parental Seal of Approval that PTPA Media alone can give, a campaign is launched to announce this product and make parents and other consumers aware. This campaign can include video marketing, social media influencing and other strategies that are designed to work best for the demographics of the product. Product marketers are ready to work with you and for you, bringing your product and your brand to a much larger audience.

Step Four: Utilize, and Promote Your Seal

As you move forward, it’s important to know that the parental seal of approval awarded by PTPA Media is a trusted symbol, recognized nation-wide as a powerful trust-building device. Products that have earned this symbol are allowed to use this Sea of Approval for one year on any and all marketing campaigns. This seal of approval is also renewable on a year-by-year basis, provided the product has not been changed or altered in any way. If so, it will need to be tested again.


Why The PTPA Seal of Approval Matters

In our consumer-driven society, being able to stand apart from the crowd and distance yourself from the competition one way or another is important for any brand. Finding a way to make your brand stand out like that, however, is the difficult part.

The PTPA Seal of Approval is known for backing products, services and brands that have met our rigorous standards. The public knows the PTPA Seal stands for quality and safety, and having your product backed by this seal can make a sizable difference in how your product is viewed or received by the public.

In addition, once your product is tested and approved, it enters into our vast network of marketers and influencers who will help you get the most of out the brand recognition the Seal of Approval brings. Whether you’re looking for a social media influencer, a video marketer, a TV product tour or an infinite variety of other ways to get your brand known, PTPA Media is ready to help you every step of the way.

Furthermore, the Seal of Approval means instant trust: imagine having a product that is automatically known and recognized by millions of potential customers, without you ever having to lift a finger!

That’s the power behind the PTPA Seal of Approval. Parent tested products, marketed by parents to other parents in avenues designed to make the most out of brand recognition and technology.


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