Why brands can’t afford to overlook the power of mom bloggers

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When was the last time you watched a full ad on YouTube (instead of clicking “skip ad”)? When was the last time a commercial came on TV and you didn’t multi-task on your phone while waiting for your show to start?

As consumers become bombarded with ads in all directions, brands must learn how to break through the clutter to reach their ideal demographic.


Consumers, especially females, who hold 85% of the consumer purchasing power, don’t trust big brands as much as they used to. According to a recent survey by Lab42, a market research firm, just three per cent of those surveyed said they believe advertisement claims are very accurate – that’s 97% who don’t believe advertisement claims are truthful. Another survey of almost 8,000 women by Boston Consulting Group found that women are dissatisfied with the way brands market their products to them.

Help, Not Hype
That’s why leading brands like Procter & Gamble and many others are turning to content marketing to win-over their consumers. Content marketing is essentially about delivering helpful, quality information to your target audience, without overtly selling – resulting in increased web traffic (on average, 7.8 times higher for companies that use content marketing compared to those that don’t) and six times higher conversion rates, according to a study by Kapost, a leading content marketing firm.

So how can companies use content to achieve their marketing and sales objectives? For brands, it’s about creating a meaningful connection with consumers through quality content – and that can be done a number of ways, one of the most important lately is through blogging. According to the latest studies, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that creates custom content and are more likely to buy from them than ones that don’t.

We’ve seen particular success with companies that leverage the power of moms to spread the word about their product and brand. In fact, almost four million American moms (14% of all American moms) consider themselves bloggers. Those mom bloggers will mention brands 73 times per week.

Why Mom Bloggers Matter
The reason these mom bloggers matter is because of their sway and power – 66% of moms say word-of-mouth is their most trusted source of information and 81% of U.S. consumers trust information and advice from bloggers! That’s simply a number brands can’t ignore. Here are a few points to put that into perspective:

  • Authenticity: The reason why mom bloggers are influential is because they’re authentic. Mom bloggers don’t mind mentioning brands online – but only ones they love and would recommend to their friends and fellow moms.
  • Larger Reach: In a digital world of information overload, consumers want to narrow down their choices and they’re using blogs to do so. In fact, 61% of U.S. consumers will make purchases based on recommendations from a blog.
  • Search: Not only does authentic content shed a new light on your brand, it also pleases the search engines too. Google’s latest algorithm update placed heavy emphasis on creating quality content – so having influential blogs who have thousands of followers linking back to your company site can help boost the credibility of your company website as well.
  • Knowledge: Why wouldn’t a mom trust another mom blogger? She’s going through the exact same things she is – from diaper cleanups to navigating a new work-life balance to adjusting to new home dynamics. Mom bloggers connect with their readers because they are moms – they share the same hopes, dreams and fears.

Moms Have the Final Say
If you want to reach moms, then regular advertising isn’t going to cut it anymore – brands need to include mom bloggers in their marketing strategy to authentically reach and engage their target audience. Think of it as all the moms hanging out at the playground – and you’re off on the sidelines reading a book.

Companies that don’t engage with mom bloggers will miss out on the authentic value that mom bloggers bring to the table. And that’s something I know about first-hand. As the founder of PTPA Media, we’ve effectively been working with over 2,000 mom bloggers to help brands tell their story to moms in an authentic way –the best way that will resonate with other moms, their key consumer.

We make it easy for leading companies in the U.S. and Canada to reach the influential mom blogger and show them why they should trust their product – and when our community loves their products, we get them to rally behind it, shout it to the masses and tell all their friends (including all the mom at the playground and their thousands of readers and social media followers). In an age where consumers can simply turn off your advertising, it’s a great way to connect directly with your audience – and getting invited to their party.

Start leveraging the power of mom bloggers! If you’re interested in having your product and company talked about by influential mom bloggers, we can help. Download our media kit here to get started.