Parent Tested Parent Approved teams up with Pregnant Chicken in powerful parenting partnership

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It’s a match made in heaven for brands looking to connect with over a million parents.

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that will have a profound impact on your brand’s journey in building trust with parents. Parent Tested Parent Approved is proud to announce a transformative partnership with Pregnant Chicken, an authoritative popular resource for parents and parents-to-be. This union creates unparalleled opportunities for brands aiming to establish trust with a vast parenting community.

So, what does this innovative collaboration mean for brands? Let’s take a closer look:

Two Parenting Forces Coming Together

Shopping for baby products can be overwhelming. New and soon-to-be parents are looking for trusted products endorsed by other parents. Pregnant Chicken has done an incredible job curating and engaging a loyal audience and will share award-winning PTPA products, offers and giveaways with their community.

This powerhouse partnership will expand the reach of both Parent Tested Parent Approved and Pregnant Chicken and will complement the admirable work that Pregnant Chicken has done building a unique, dedicated audience. The collaboration also means that brands will have access to over a million parents.

About PTPA: Your Trusted Parenting Companion

Parent Tested Parent Approved was launched 16 years ago to help brands build brand awareness and trust with consumers. Founded by serial entrepreneur Sharon Vinderine, the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval is North America’s most recognized product award and the instant symbol of trust for millions of consumers. PTPA is the go-to source for reliable, genuine and unbiased product recommendations and comprehensive consumer research, and currently has an engaged community of over 250,000 parents.

Our secret sauce? Real parents testing out products in their everyday lives and sharing their honest feedback, ensuring only the best of the best products receive the coveted PTPA seal of approval.

“At Parent Tested Parent Approved, our mission is to build brand trust and connect families with top-quality products,” says Vinderine.

“Teaming up with Pregnant Chicken allows us to expand our reach and helps brands get their award-winning products into the homes of families. Amy has done amazing work building their audience, and we look forward to working with her and her team.”

Pregnant Chicken: Keeping It Real

Founded by Amy Morrison in 2010, Pregnant Chicken has been a trusted companion for everything related to pregnancy and parenthood for millions of parents.

What sets Pregnant Chicken apart? It’s all about their approach—realistic, friendly and often hilarious. They provide expert advice alongside insights from parents who’ve also been in the trenches of parenthood.

Pregnant Chicken currently has over 800,000 social media followers.

“We’re excited to partner with PTPA because they share our commitment to providing parents with products that truly work,” says Amy Morrison. “Our collaboration gives parents the best of both worlds – product recommendations backed by rigorous testing and candid, real-life experiences, trusted advice and engaging content.”

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What the partnership means for brands looking to connect with parents and build trust with consumers:

So, why are we so excited about this partnership? Here are a few reasons:

Expanding Brand Reach:

This partnership will open doors to an audience of over half a million parents, providing a substantial platform for brands to showcase their award-winning products, contests and exclusive offers. PTPA will keep doing what they’ve done since 2007—genuine product testing that helps consumers make informed purchasing decisions for their families —while Pregnant Chicken will add their engaging, often lighthearted content and personal experiences and expert advice. This strategic alliance will not only amplify the audiences of both PTPA and Pregnant Chicken, but also empower brands to place their products and services in front of a wide range of parents seeking trusted solutions from brands they can trust.

A Unified Approach to Consumer Trust:

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, building trust with consumers is paramount. The partnership between PTPA and Pregnant Chicken signifies an alignment of two parenting giants committed to credibility and authenticity. Brands can leverage this partnership to demonstrate their commitment to quality, innovation and reliability by association with two trusted voices in the parenting world.

Amplified Recognition for Brands:

Both PTPA and Pregnant Chicken are all about community. This partnership will provide brands with a holistic marketing strategy targeted to their ideal audience. For brands looking to gain recognition and brand loyalty, this partnership offers a golden opportunity. Your products can earn the coveted PTPA seal of approval, validating their excellence with a trusted third-party endorsement from parents. The PTPA Seal of Approval carries tremendous weight and credibility in the eyes of consumers, making it a powerful tool for brand recognition and differentiation. By promoting your product to both the PTPA and Pregnant Chicken audiences, brands are more than doubling their reach.

Diverse Marketing Resources:

Our collaboration offers brands a wealth of resources for enhancing their marketing strategies. PTPA’s extensive experience in product testing and consumer research, combined with Pregnant Chicken’s engaging content and real-life insights, ensures that brands can create comprehensive and compelling marketing campaigns that resonate with their target audience. The partnership will also allow brands to collaborate for exciting contests, giveaways and special offers.

A Network of Trust-Builders:

By partnering with PTPA and Pregnant Chicken, brands become part of a network of like-minded organizations dedicated to building trust with consumers and helping parents make informed purchasing decisions for their families. This network provides opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and mutual support, enabling brands to tap into a community that values authenticity and excellence.

The Perfect Opportunity for Brands:

The collaboration between Parent Tested Parent Approved and Pregnant Chicken is a huge win for brands looking to interact with over a million parents. Join us on this remarkable journey as we collectively foster trust, credibility and success for parents – and consumers – everywhere.

Stay tuned for further updates, valuable resources and  golden opportunities to showcase your brand’s excellence!