Content Marketing Influencers: Choosing the Right Content Creators

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Choose The Right Content Creators

Choosing the right content creators for an influencer campaign can be a bit like dating – you want to make sure the person you select is the right fit, otherwise you may find yourself counting down the minutes until you can leave the restaurant without being considered rude.

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Simply put, content creators can enhance your brand marketing. That’s why some of the companies PTPA Media works with make sure the content creators they choose to represent their brand can understand their objectives, target audience, voice, and tone.

When marketing to millennial families, mom content creators (dad content creators may be more rare, but are just as important!) can be a tremendous benefit to boost brand awareness, hype up products, and get other moms singing your praises.

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Choose the Appropriate Influencer Network

PTPA Media’s Campaign Managers work with brands on their Marketing to Moms campaigns. When a brand wants to up their influence in the mom-sphere, PTPA Media turns to our influencer network, which made up of over 3,000 content creators who have hundreds of thousands of online followers and are trusted by moms online.

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right content creator is the most important step to make any campaign a success since everything is permanent in today’s digital era. Even if a content creator has been a part of a PTPA influencer campaign before, they have to apply and demonstrate why they’re a perfect fit for this brand for every new project.

There are different criteria to consider when choosing the content creator from an influencer network. Start by looking for a fit in terms of style, voice and tone.

Next, PTPA Media gets a snapshot of their Analytics – who is interacting with their blog? What’s the demographic like? How many page views do they receive per month? What type of engagement can the brand we’re working with expect?

It’s always nice to see a content creator with a million followers online, but it’s more important to know those followers are bringing the type of engagement needed to achieve the brand’s goals. PTPA Media loves to see the big numbers, too (who doesn’t want to work with a blogger who has 500,000 unique page views per month) but it’s important to dive deeper to determine how valuable those page views are and if they’ll drive the right amount of clicks and engagement to a campaign.

The right content creators in the PTPA Influencer Network may not always have the most page views or traffic, but they always have high engagement.