Because your product deserves to be among the very best.


The PTPA Best Of List
It’s more than an award.
It’s the benchmark of product excellence.

Secure the ultimate distinction of product excellence and reliability by earning your spot on the Parent Tested Parent Approved Best Of List for 2024.

It’s more than an award. Making our list tells millions of consumers that your product is among the very best.


Build brand equity.
Elevate trust with consumers.

Gain a competitive advantage.
Power more sales.


How does it work?

Get your product tested icon

Get your product tested

Submit your product for testing by members of our parenting community. If you’re already a PTPA Seal Of Approval winner, no need to resubmit; you’re automatically eligible for the Best Of list!

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Wait for the results

Did your product pass the test? If so, congratulations!  You’ve earned a spot on our esteemed Best Of list! It’s time to get your brag on!



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Spread The Word

You are now part of our exclusive circle of award-winning brands! Your annual license lets you promote your win on packaging, e-commerce, social media and websites. Amplify your brand’s success and spread the word!


Best Of Category Examples:

Trusted brands include:

Best Of List FAQ

What is the PTPA Best Of list?

We’re glad your asked! The PTPA Best Of list means your product is best-in-class, and one of the top products of the year. The award means you product is among the very best.

Has your product already earned our industry-leading Seal of Approval? Well, good news: your product has already made the Best Of list!

Is the Best Of Award affiliated with the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval?

Yes. Like our Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval, each product has to pass the rigorous testing process by members of our parenting community to make our Best Of list. But like we mentioned above, any products that have already earned the Seal of Approval are eligible for the Best Of list.

What product categories are eligible for the Best Of Award?

Categories encompass a wide range of categories and are established based on market trends and consumer interest.

If your product or service is available to consumers, there’s a good chance it is eligible for the Best Of list. Some restrictions may apply.

Is there a limit on the number of products that can be submitted?

There is no limit! Some brands enter one product, while others submit several. The more products that earn Best Of status, the more impact it will have for the brand.


What kind of exposure can I expect from being named to the Best Of list?

Our campaigns routinely generate well over one million impressions through email, social media, press releases and website promotion. The campaign is supplemented by a paid social media campaign marketed to your target audience.

Brands can also promote their Best Of award in a variety in ways, including on packaging, digital and social media channels, marketing collateral and press releases.

If my product makes the Best Of list, how do I access the images of the seal?

Once your product has made our Best Of list, please sign the license agreement sent to you. Once the agreement is signed and returned to us, we will give you access to the Best Of creative assets for use on your marketing materials, product packaging and digital properties.

How can I submit my product to be considered for the Best Of list?

Ready to put your product to the test? Or are you a Seal of Approval winner looking to license the Best Of award? Fill out the form to enter your product.

Have questions? Send us an email at